Interview: Andrew Howard

Sporting legend and successful entrepreneur

Andrew Howard is MD of Beechdean Farmhouse Dairy Ice Cream, GT3 & GTE Champion, Sporting Director of Wycombe Wanderers FC.

Andrew what’s the secret to being a GTE Champion?

Consistency. With all sport it’s the hunger to win be it football or racing.

You have to ensure you don’t get distracted and if something goes wrong keep a level head.

What’s your greatest racing achievement?

Competing  in Le Mans 2016 and 2017 but also being a British & European Champion.

What do you see to be the future of Beechdean Motorsports?

To be competitive at the highest possible level. In 2018 Aston Martin Racing will launch a new car and I’m very excited to lead the first team to race this in the world.

What is this new car?

A New Vantage and we plan to race it in July.

To Date

2016 European Le Mans GTE Champion (2 wins, 3 podiums), 2016: GTE AM Class at 24 Hours of Le Mans, 7th place, 2015: BGT Champion (3 wins, 3 podiums), 2015: Aston Martin Le Mans Festival, Winner (GTE), 2015: Blancpain Gentleman Driver of the Year, 2015: Britcar 24 Hours of Silverstone, Winner, 2014:BGT GT3 Championship, 5th (1 win, 3 podiums), 2013: BGT Champion (1 win, 4 podiums), 2013: Completed Spa 24 race in PRO/AM Class, 2012: BGT Championship, 8th (1 win, 2 podiums), 2011: BGT Championship, 5th, (2 wins, 4 podiums).

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