Sound of Speed Festival Cavalcade

The cavalcade on Friday 20th July was planned to attract publicity to encourage advance tickets sales for Sound of Speed 2018 but Sytners car park on the London Road hadn’t seen anything quite like it.

Around normal closing time, a very diverse selection of cars gathered together in front of the ultra-smart BMW showroom, ranging from the 1927 Model T racer and a very photogenic 1934 Sunbeam Le Mans Bodied Tourer travelling four up, through to a fabulous sounding Aston Martin Rapide that was parked alongside the engineering genius of a McLaren 570S.

The ensemble of around 25 cars also included a lovely mid 60’s Sunbeam Tiger, a stunning TVR Tuscan, an Alfa GTV, Porsche GT3, an immaculate Ford Mustang, a BMW 3 Series much worked over with trick suspension and no bonnet, a Range Rover Sport SVR with a 5 litre supercharged engine that sounded very purposeful and a 1963 Austin Healey 3000 that disgraced itself by dropping oil on the car park where no oil has ever leaked before!

Many ladies were present and they all seemed to be entranced by the exotically styled BMW i8 Roadster that is a Sytner demonstrator so this near-silent car and a coupe joined in the fun of the run through the town.

Mark Beek’s Citroen van heavily plastered with Sound of Speed Festival logos led the cavalcade in an orderly fashion assisted by two impromptu stewards who valiantly held up both streams of Friday evening traffic on the London Road to allow all to leave together. This displeased a few but thrilled the many other drivers heading for home in more mundane vehicles. There were many appreciative onlookers through the town and along Desborough Road and the West Wycombe Road too.

The cavalcade reached Adams Park and some went off for other places and others just wanted to look at these wonderful cars in the fading sunshine. Eventually, only a few avid car enthusiasts were left and inevitably a few short demonstration runs were made as a warm up to for the much-anticipated opportunity to test the cars unfettered along the open spaces of the Wycombe Airpark runway on Saturday 4th August. It was a very satisfying evening for all.

Sound of Speed Festival Cavalcade
Star Car owners with families at a 1934 Sunbeam 25 Le Mans