Revised Rules for the Adams & Page Pedal Car Sprint Cup

Race length
One lap with a Le Mans style running start until engines switched off

Circuit length
240 yards with a chicane

Licensing status
Drivers of 11 years and under on 4th August 2018

The afternoon of 4th August

Race Eligibility
The race is open to the following classification and categorisation of cars.

Austin J40 cars built between 1/1/1947 and 31/12/1970

Sporting Regulations
The race will be run once on the afternoon of Saturday 4th August.

Technical Regulations
The technical regulations for the Wycombe Airpark Sprint are based on Appendix J of the Sporting Code of the Goodwood Junior Road Racing Club.

Historic Technical Passport
All competing cars must be genuine period manufactured and not reproductions or of evolutionary design. Cars will be scrutinised to ensure that the car is in original form with no modifications that increase performance.

The original four-spark plug engine must be used. Where this proves insufficient to propel the car, additional power may come from the driver’s legs only, transmitted via the car’s original pedal system. The use of supplementary electrical or internal combustion power units is strictly prohibited, as is any form of transmission featuring more than one speed.

Dimensions and Specification

The following factory standard dimensions shall apply to all cars:

Length: 5ft 3in

Width: 2ft 3½in

Height: 1ft 10in

Minimum Weight: 95lbs

It is expressly forbidden to remove material from behind the seat in order to accommodate a larger driver.

Pedal rubbers must be used and only the pre-set factory adjustment points may be used on the pedals.

Original pressed steel axles, hubs and uprights must be used. Billet and alloy components may not be used.

Original wheels with authentic treaded tyres must be fitted at all times. No aftermarket disc wheels or pram/pushchair wheels permitted.

Headlights, horn and handbrake should all be in working order.

For reasons of safety, asbestos brake linings may be substituted for a modern alternative.

All cars must be presented to Sound of Speed’s eligibility consultants prior to the qualifying session to check compliance with technical regulations.

Tyres should be Dunlop Cord racing tyres. However, where these are unavailable, cars may be equipped with an alternative, providing its style and appearance matches the original.

Cars should be presented in one of the original 8 factory colours or in another appropriate livery.

Cars must be presented for Scrutineering when called at 3:00 pm on Saturday.

There should be no out-of-period wheels, lighting, wing mirrors or dashboard gauges. Where a competitor decides for safety reasons to use a roll-over bar, please ensure that it is sensitively installed to be as visually unobstructed as possible.

Hardtops and tonneau covers are expressly forbidden, as are aerodynamic aids such as spoilers, diffusers and Gurney flaps. The scrutineers do not expect to see glass fibre or carbon fibre bodywork.

The car must display a pre-registered racing number of appropriate size to enable the commentators to recognise the car and driver. This will be supplied on the day.

Drivers are required to attend a briefing along with the car entrant to establish the rules of the circuit, the Le Mans start arrangements and expected standards of driving. Unruly or dangerous driving will lead to a black flag and possible disqualification. Any outside assistance at the start or at any time during the race is not allowed.

The skill of the drivers finishing in first, second and third places will be recognised with the presentation of a cup.

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