Austin Healy

Graham Peart tells us which cars he would have chosen to Run the Runway at Sound of Speed 2018

Earlier this week I was sitting in the passenger seat of the stationery Wycombe Airpark Land Rover at the start of the runway doing a recce with the Kris Black who is the airfields ultra-professional Safety Officer.

Before me, the smooth and generously wide tarmac stretched gently uphill to a brow that conceals the end of the runway so it appears to be infinitely long. It was so inviting that I experienced that start line tingle that avid car (and bike) enthusiasts would know well.

My thoughts then mused around which of the entered cars I would choose to make my first blast along the runway from a very long list of highly desirable cars with a value of well above £20 million.

Perhaps the raucous Jaguar F Type R, one of the several Porsche GT3’s, the classy Ferrari F 599, the sophisticated McLaren, the punchy Lotus Elise 111, the wonderful AC Cobra 427, the efficient BMW M4, the fantastic Lamborghini engined Audi R8, the ridiculously quick and silent Tesla S at 2.3 seconds to 60 mph, the 8 litre Dodge Viper or perhaps the gorgeous D Type Jaguar, the raw Caterham Seven, the stunning Riley Brooklands, the 600 bhp ultimate wolf in sheep’s clothing Audi RS 6, the evocative Lotus Cortina or the ultra-lightweight Atom Supercharged Special?

As a creature of habit, I had to choose my own mechanically humble Austin Healey 3000 that fits me like a glove. After visualising redlining it through the gears, spell broken, we drove sedately along ‘our’ track and returned along the glider landing area. Like a 5-year-old before Christmas, I cannot wait for the day to come when all these cars and more will be taken off the leash and given a free run.

Like any theatre, there is a limit to the number of spectators permitted for safety reasons so secure your entry tickets on the website before the limit is reached and watch this unique spectacle at The Sound of Speed Festival at Wycombe Airpark on the afternoon of 4th August.

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